Magnificent Hair Care

Following research about the efficacy of a specific combination of essential oils (rosemary, peppermint and basil) to combat hair thinning, I put together a duo of products to use as a hair care regimen. I have added biotin, silica, copper and niacin for further strengthening of the skin and scalp. The shampoo is mild yet effective. The finishing rinse is a spray in product, which leaves the hair soft and shiny. It works particularly well to restore color treated hair to its most natural appearance.

Personally, I use a health food store product to color my hair, which can leave it looking a little dull and the hair shaft feeling a bit roughed up. If time gets away from me and I let the gray roots grow out a little, my hair also becomes much less manageable and flat or flyaway. Once I use Aestheria Magnificent Hair Rinse, my hair feels like my own (pre-colored) hair again and it even feels fuller and more manageable.

Magnificent Hair Finishing Rinse – This wonderful leave-in finishing rinse cleans away toxins, helps promote hair and scalp health, manageability and shine. It's also great to use between shampoo days as a pick me up. A slightly tingly sensation from the special herbal infusion and essential oils of rosemary, peppermint and basil lets you know its working. Spritz near the hair roots for best results. Ingredients are specially chosen to promote hair growth and lessen hair loss.

8 oz. Bottle - $15.00

Magnificent Hair Shampoo – This gentle shampoo cleans away toxins and helps promote hair and scalp health, manageability and shine. Contains biotin, silica and niacin, plus rosemary, peppermint and basil essential oils.

8 oz. Bottle - $10.00